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Smith's Brigade First post.

Hello, in this blog you will Follow my Imagi Brigade during the Americna Civil War, Basicly this is a factious Brigade in the army of Mississipi, it got a ficional Brigadier and 5 Colonels, and sevral Rank and file, in this blog you will find pictures if the brigade as it's painted up, as well as After action reports from Brigadier to colonels. And lettes and diaries of the soldiers and officers in the brigade.

We start of with some letters from diffrent people we will get to know more about as time and campaign moves on.

First Bio John Smith
John Smith, a man as distinguished as his name. Born 1831 he spent most of his life living of his father’s money. His father a rich plantation owner with over 200 slaves sent his son to Atlanta to become a dentist, but Smith just ended up trying to become known with several ladies in the higher places.
He got his Commission as Brigadier because one of the ladies he got to know is the third cousin of the father in law of Beauregard.

First Letter
February 27th 1862
Father, I am well, my brigade’s regiments are gathering as we speak, they look like fine lads, mostly Tennessee boys with a regiment of Texans to give me command of 5 regiments; I’m in the first corps under Major General Leonidas Polk in the army of Mississippi. We will soon be in action, and I look forward to it, I’m sure my boys will do great things I have great confidence in them.
Tell mother not to worry I’ll get through this was without a scratch.

Your son: John.

Second Letter
Hello Mum, my regiment got formed into its brigade today, we are under a John Smith, a man of from what I’ve heard of low morals, a big city man that would have been tar and feathered in our town. There is even a rumor he has to children by different women, his military qualifications is being related to Beauregard by several long links. I don’t think he has ridden a horse in 20 years he will probably fall of at the first shot.
Other than our esteemed Commander everything is fine, our Colonel Bryce William is a good man, he doesn’t shout, but gives clear commands even under heavy musketry. I even shook his hand, I was my company’s best shot, and the top 5 shooters of our regiment got to meet him, I came in second and he shook my hand and said I made the regiment proud.
Your devoted son: Sam.

Third Letter
Hello George I write you because I don’t want to let my parents know about my sorry situation, our colonel Nils Johansen, is going to get us killed, he barely speaks English, he can shout as us alright, mostly in English though sometimes he slips in some sort of Norwegian swears . He is half drunk half the time and full drunk the other half. But when doing a speech he needs a translator, how he became commander I do not know, when we marched to the army encampment he didn’t let us refill our canteens for two days and one man almost died of thirst. He thinks he is a marshal of France, he got a baton he beats us with when we aren’t moving fast enough.
I don’t think we will survive our first battle with him.
You Friend Louis Jolliet

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